let yourself be nourished by the forest


Are you looking to plan a wedding? Curate a gathering? Or simply enjoy intimate space with a group of friends? Whatever the beautiful occasion, our land has abundant resources and space to soothe the wildest of imaginations.

Gaia’s Gardens is a landscape to reach for your heart’s desires. Let the earth hold you in her natural forest garden. Let your wild self free.


explore your creativity

Building the event of your dreams is our intention, we can have as much or as little involvement in it as you’d like. Bring your coordinator in, be your own, or work directly with us and let the creative sparks fly!


sacred spaces

This peaceful forest land holds sweet, lush space for all. Our manmade spaces throughout the land bring some comfort to help you integrate being in the elements of wild nature.


This is not a space for everyone. We are off grid and a bit of self-sufficiency is needed throughout your stay. It’s rural, you might get a little dirty, and you may need to use your natural instincts. Your phone won’t work...which means no social media or work emails.

WARNING: your wild inhibitions may be freed while you are here.